“Cooking and eating food outdoors makes it taste infinitely better than the same meal prepared and consumed indoors.”
~Fennel Hudson, “Fine Things -Fennel’s Journal – No. 8”

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From L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens to freestanding islands, Luxury Outdoor Kitchen, Inc. builds deluxe outdoor kitchens to match any-sized space and a variety of contemporary aesthetics. Choose from the dry stack, random rock, cliff rock, and many other stone profiles to create an exclusive, one-of-a-kind outdoor kitchen design you’ll love!

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Luxury Outdoor Kitchens’s most popular style of kitchen is our engineered stone panels. ClifRock Panels made of a fiber-reinforced, high-performance concrete mixture that is augmented with an acrylic polymer for strength, durability, and performance. This mixture is precast into an open face, mold that has a stone, rock, or Barnwood profile texture.

The Stone Panel design has become our most popular seller because of the advantages.

  • Speed of Installation typically installed in 1-2 days.
  • Property Disruption is almost non-existent, as NO need for heavy equipment, masons, pallets of rock or stone, etc.
  • High Strength up to 4 times greater than standard wet cast concrete.
  • Weather-Resistant to external aggressions such as impacts, freezing, extreme heat, weathering, and scratching.
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Authorized Installers

ClifRock Installer Authorized LogoLuxury Outdoor Kitchen and Living installers are Authorized Professional Installers with the ClifRock Construction System. Factory qualified, trained, and authorized to offer, design, and install. You can rest assured you are in the hands of a professional and our product is backed by a full structural warranty.

What is the Process?

The ClifRock precast masonry panel system is designed to assemble quickly and cleanly in 3 simple phases. Each panel is precast with a super strength composite-GFCR to 1 to 1.5-inch thickness and can be installed on a solid surface without the need for a substrate, concrete footing, or any additional supports. In most cases, your kitchen can be assembled, with appliances installed and countertops in place all in one day. Luxury Outdoor Kitchen’s Modern Installation consists of our simple 3-step method.

  • Step one Precasting panels to size.
  • Step two Building a frameless wall structure.
  • Step three Install appliances and color.

We make outdoor kitchens simple. Our panels can be retrofit to any solid surface and work with any size appliance or component.

Click below to download and access our online Outdoor Kitchens Book of Designs brochure with 28 pages of Outdoor Kitchen Designs and options including Panel Masonry Technology™, Space Configuration, Grills, and Appliances, Silver, Gold or Platinum Packages, Coyote Outdoor Living, Structure Design, Kitchen and Cabinet Space, Bar and Refreshment Station, Storage, Galley Kitchen, U-shaped Kitchens, L-Shaped Kitchens, Charcoal Smokers, Features for Convenience and Entertainment.

Some of Our Work

When customizing your piece of paradise in your backyard, using materials that complement mother-nature’s craftsmanship is key. So when we begin developing our panel masonry system, we used nature as our blueprint, modeling our panel molds from actual stone. You will be able to enjoy the style, texture, and colors of natural stone without having to pay the high cost of stone masonry construction.

Designed to quickly install and self-support, Luxury Outdoor Kitchen, Inc will have you enjoying your new outdoor living space in hours. Saving time, material, and installation cost, all while allowing you to design the outdoor living space of your dreams.

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Client Testimonials

1024 outdoor social fire pit propane natural gas outdoor kitchen luxury

Luxury Outdoor Kitchen’s service was wonderful. They came out to my house on very short notice & installed an outdoor kitchen and grill, a Beautiful Fire Pit & planted Palm Trees in record time. Very nice & very professional people. It was a smooth & pleasant experience compared to other companies that I’ve dealt with.

Thank you, Hector! 

Lisa D.
Southeast Florida

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Love the New Kitchen

Love the new outdoor kitchen from Luxury Outdoor Kitchen, really well constructed and great for parties. Thanks so much!

Jeff D.
Naples, Florida

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