“You can design and create and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.”
~ Walt Disney

Water Features

Designing your Aquatic Palace

We all need to rest, refresh, and have fun. A swimming pool is a great escape from our day to day lives and is ideal for getting kids out of the house and active. A well-designed pool can become your personal oasis.

At Luxury Outdoor Kitchens and living our mission is to help you get the most out of your aquatic space by optimizing the aesthetic value, fun factor and overall experience. We believe your pool should not only improve the attractiveness of your property but also enhance the quality of your time spent outdoors with loved ones. We have helped thousands of customers create the perfect pool water feature for their backyard space and lifestyle.



Enjoy the soothing sound of running/falling water, and that heart-warming sound of fun, laughter, and excitement.



Enhance the entertainment value of your pool with seating and fire features, or add a fun factor with jumping boulders and waterslides.



Get your family outside and active.


Healthy Pool

Moving water aerates the pool and adds oxygen to the water, creating surface action which helps keep the pool clean.



A well-designed pool water feature will increase your home’s overall value.



Convert a “boring” pool into a cherished backyard living area.

As a leader in Outdoor Living Design and Pool Water Feature construction, Luxury Outdoor Kitchen, Inc has built a reputation for delivering value and quality to our customers. Accordingly, we only partner with companies and manufacturers who share our passion for innovation, quality, and value. Our partners represent what we believe to be the best-in-class manufacturers who excel in terms of quality, innovation, and safety.
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Click below to download and access our online Water Features & Book of Designs brochure with over 50 pages of Outdoor Water Feature Designs and options including Panel Masonry Technology™, Panel Masonry Technology™, Pillar Designs, Water Bench Designs, Bench Designs, Bench-Wall Designs, Jumping Platform Designs, Planter Designs, Fire Designs, Slide Designs, Archway Designs, Grotto Designs, Accent Boulder Designs, Jumping Boulders, Contour Waterfalls, Contour Designs, Cantilever Waterfalls, Cantilever Designs, Cascading Waterfalls, Cascading Designs, Grotto Waterfalls, and Grotto Designs.

Some of Our Work

When customizing your piece of paradise in your backyard, using materials that complement mother-nature’s craftsmanship is key. So when we begin developing our panel masonry system, we used nature as our blueprint, modeling our panel molds from actual stone. You will be able to enjoy the style, texture, and colors of natural stone without having to pay the high cost of stone masonry construction.

Designed to quickly install and self-support, Luxury Outdoor Kitchen, Inc will have you enjoying your new outdoor living space in hours. Saving time, material, and installation cost, all while allowing you to design the outdoor living space of your dreams.

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Client Testimonials

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Great Company to Work With

I had a great experience working with Luxury Outdoor Kitchen!

Ashley E.

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Great Investment

We used Luxury Outdoor Kitchen to redo our backyard and we couldn’t be happier. Our backyard looks like a resort, and we were thrilled with the installation process. Much faster than I had thought.

Derek R.
South Florida

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