“The most tangible of all visible mysteries – Fire”
~Leigh Hunt, 1850

Fire Features

firepit conversation area

Space and Layout

rectangular firepit

Construction Materials

Fire Features come in all different styles, sizes, and layouts. From smokeless fire pits and dancing flames to linear counter fire features and breathing fire waterfalls. From basic to extravagant, big or small, we do them all. 

Designing your Conversation Space

You have heard it said, the simple things in life make us the happiest. Few things are as enjoyable as spending time with family and friends under the stars and in the warm glow of your own backyard fire feature. In our technology-driven, “social media world” (and the COVID stay home orders) there is no better way to reconnect with the people you care most about, sitting around a backyard fire feature that is both functional and well-designed. Our aim is to help you identify a suitable design and begin planning your ideal outdoor fire feature be exploring the following:

  1. Space, Layout, and Seating Considerations
  2. Construction Material Options
  3. Fire Pit Design Options
  4. Fuel and Burner System Options
nighttime firepit

Firepit Design

outdoor fireplace

Fuel & Burner Systems

Now you may think to yourself, Fire Pit or Fireplace?

Whether you decide on a fire pit or fireplace, both are welcome sources of light and warmth and provide an ambiance of relaxation. Your design decision will depend upon space, budget, and your goals for your new backyard fire feature.

  • Fire Pit Pros and Cons

  • Social gathering space

  • 360-degree experience

  • Campfire environment

  • Open to the elements

  • Won’t obstruct the view

  • Ideal for groups

  • Fireplace Pros and Cons

  • Intimate conversation space

  • 180-degree experience

  • Romantic environment

  • Protected from wind

  • Provides a focal point

  • Perfect for small gatherings

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Click below to download and access our online Water Features & Book of Designs brochure with over 50 pages of Outdoor Water Feature Designs and options including Panel Masonry Technology™, Panel Masonry Technology™, Pillar Designs, Water Bench Designs, Bench Designs, Bench-Wall Designs, Jumping Platform Designs, Planter Designs, Fire Designs, Slide Designs, Archway Designs, Grotto Designs, Accent Boulder Designs, Jumping Boulders, Contour Waterfalls, Contour Designs, Cantilever Waterfalls, Cantilever Designs, Cascading Waterfalls, Cascading Designs, Grotto Waterfalls, and Grotto Designs.

Some of Our Work

When customizing your piece of paradise in your backyard, using materials that complement mother-nature’s craftsmanship is key. So when we begin developing our panel masonry system, we used nature as our blueprint, modeling our panel molds from actual stone. You will be able to enjoy the style, texture, and colors of natural stone without having to pay the high cost of stone masonry construction.

Designed to quickly install and self-support, Luxury Outdoor Kitchen, Inc will have you enjoying your new outdoor living space in hours. Saving time, material, and installation cost, all while allowing you to design the outdoor living space of your dreams.

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Client Testimonials

1024 outdoor social fire pit propane natural gas outdoor kitchen luxury

Luxury Outdoor Kitchen’s service was wonderful. They came out to my house on very short notice & installed an outdoor kitchen and grill, a Beautiful Fire Pit & planted Palm Trees in record time. Very nice & very professional people. It was a smooth & pleasant experience compared to other companies that I’ve dealt with.

Thank you, Hector! 

Lisa D.
Southeast Florida

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Love the New Kitchen

Love the new outdoor kitchen from Luxury Outdoor Kitchen, really well constructed and great for parties. Thanks so much!

Jeff D.
Naples, Florida

Let’s Get Started

Your perfect retreat awaits. Let’s get the ball rolling on your new Luxury Outdoor Kitchen and Living area.